PDDs & Dinner Meetings

womanFor most Members, the monthly Chapter Meeting and the annual Professional Development Day (PDD) are vital learning and networking opportunities.  They are a very important part of the Chapter's value proposition!  And the good news is that when they are done well they deliver both membership and financial growth for the Chapter!  

Content Rich Presentations and More PDUs

GR8PM research and experience have shown that for many Members the time "cost" of driving to Chapter meetings and events outweighs the financial cost of participating.  The worse rush hour traffic is... the more true it becomes!  

The way to overcome this barrier is to provide more value - that is, more PDUs - for the same amount of drive-time invested.  It is true that every Member will not make it to every event or meeting, but experience has proven that pre-event options that provide 1 or 2 additional PDUs consistently attract some (and often many) additional Members.

Of course, the event must cover high-interest topics delivered by credible, no-nonsense Speakers!

Monthly Meetings

GR8PM fulfills this challenge by providing powerful Speakers delivering engaging presentations on "red hot" topics.  Topics include the latest best sellers - like Agile and the PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® - as well as perennial favorites - like Estimating, Risk Management, Communication and Leadership.

We turn your monthly meetings into a 2- and 3-PDU events!

PDD Options

GR8PM Speakers are also available to deliver everything from Keynotes to all-day Seminars for your Professional Development Day!  Powerful topics and cost-effective resources make collaborating with GR8PM a true win-win!

For Chapters who prefer it, one option is to outsource 100% of the risk and logistical heavy-lifting to GR8PM and still retain the high-impact Member engagement and financial upside! We provide world-recognized speakers; we sign the venue and supplier contracts; we provide the marketing support; the Chapter gets a 100% risk-free event that impresses Members, grows the Chapter… and makes money!


How Can GR8PM Help You?

GR8PM helps by providing resources that minimize (and nearly eliminate) three key challenges - too few volunteers, too much complexity, and high financial risk.  GR8PM does the logistical heavy lifting, makes the collaboration simple, and shoulders the financial risks!

Call us at 619-890-5807 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a date and time to chat.

Instructor-led, Virtual DA Classes Available

GR8PM always the best value... and the lowest price!
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