For the Chapter Board

We don’t want to give you a heart attack, but please let us begin by saying, “Thank YOU!!”

manWe know from experience that you seldom hear those two important words. Your work as a volunteer leader is vital to the lives of so many members, yet they often forget to acknowledge it. And sometimes that makes you begin to doubt the value, importance and significance of your work. We can relate because we are, and have been for many years, active volunteer leaders in our local Chapters also. So take a moment and please let that “Thank You!” sink in.

Over the years we have had the honor of serving many Chapters, as well as Region meetings, by providing support, resources, coaching, mentoring, and an occasional second opinion. We are proud of, and look forward to continuing a relationship of service and mutual growth.

How Can We Help You?

We have identified three keys challenges facing most Chapters – too many needs, too few volunteers, and too little money.

In response we have developed programs and events that are highly desirable from the member’s perspective, require a minimum of Chapter volunteer time, and grow the Chapter’s finances and volunteer pool. And they are all 100% risk-free for the Chapter!

What Are Your Choices?

At GR8PM we help you grow your Chapter without working yourself and your volunteers into complete burn-out! We offer all of the following choices:

  • Board Strategic Planning Facilitation – Helping you take it to the next level; usually pro bono!
  • Professional Development Day Packages – World-recognized Speakers; 100% risk-free support
  • PDD Keynote and Monthly Meeting Speakers – Powerful topics and usually cost-neutral
  • Exam Prep / Certification Classes – 100% risk-free with a transition plan to Chapter volunteer instructors, if desired.
  • Career Development Seminars – Hottest topics and perennial favorites; Grow the membership!

How Does It Work?

Because we are committed PMI evangelists we focused on how we could provide the most value at the least cost and risk to Chapters. Over a significant number of years we developed “business models” that help Chapters enjoy the “economies of scale” they could not get doing things solo by leveraging what we are already doing elsewhere with other Chapters.

The best way to learn about it is to schedule a conference call with us and your interested Board members. What do you have to lose? After all, we guarantee remarkable events, outstanding results, and 100% risk-free choices. Even the conference call is free, so why not invest a few minutes to see how other Chapters are enjoying almost effortless growth!


E-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (619) 890-5807 to arrange a date and time to chat.

Instructor-led, Virtual DA Classes Available

GR8PM always the best value... and the lowest price!
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