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The GR8PM Exam Simulator has over 1,000 questions written by experts who combed, critiqued, compared and digested the 3,888 pages of the 11 books on the original PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Content Outline, and then repeated the exercise when the book list was updated for the current Content Outline. That update removed 3 books (1,040 pages) and added 4 books (1,780 pages) raising the total to 4,628 pages. All of that time and effort was invested in order to create a truly comprehensive Exam Simulator to aid your preparation. It thoroughly covers everything that we thought could reasonably be expected to appear on the PMI-ACP® certification exam and you'll be glad we did.

The GR8PM Exam Simulator offers subscribers 40-, 80-, and 120-question exams with randomly selected questions to practice against. Each time you select an exam not only are the questions randomly selected from the database, but the answers are re-randomized also (just in case you may have gotten one of them on a previous exam). That means it is statistically "impossible" for you to ever get the same exam twice. Never!

The simulator also offers two modes - Study and Exam. In Study mode you can see, study and correct your answers as you go, while in Exam mode you can analyze whether your "pace" is fast enough to complete all 120 questions in 3 hours (because 40 questions in 1 hour and 80 questions in 2 hours both require the same pace!).

When you can pass our exams, you can face the real exam with the utmost of confidence!  (How else could we be confident to offer a 100% Money-back Guarantee??)


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