The Agile Alamanac

The Agile Almanac: Book 1 (Print)

When was the last time you were given the first 85 pages of an Amazon #1 Best Seller, for FREE, just so you could evaluate how powerful and useful it is? Never, right?! Because we’re doing that, how confident are we that this book is a game changer that you absolutely must have? 100%!!

What makes us so confident that this book is important and they you will love it?

The Agile Almanac has already been praised by an amazing group of thought leaders from Business, Traditional and Agile management. The luminaries include:

  • Jim Johnson, Chairman, Standish Group (source of the famous CHAOS Reports)
  • PMI legends Neal Whitten, Andy Crowe, and Lee Lambert
  • Presidents of PMI – Atlanta, Mile Hi, and New York City
  • Kanban experts Marcus Hammarberg and Joakim Sunden
  • Agile experts Tamara Sulaiman Runyon, CST, and Robert Annis, CSM, CSP, ICP-TST, ICP-ACC, ICP-ATF
  • Respected authors Dr. Robert Wysocki, Dr. David F. Rico, and Alfonso Bucero

In total, 22 exceptional thought leaders all give this Almanac their highest endorsement!  

Why is this almanac so important?

Over the years that the world of Agile Project Management has been coalescing multiple schools of thought have developed, each with their own “evangelists” and “disciples.” However, no one has undertaken the necessary effort to collect and codify the various insights, options and best practices available for organizations, professional project practitioners, and product and solutions developers to use to improve project outcomes.

Perhaps that is so because no one has wanted to enter the battlefield that seems to have developed between the various camps of evangelists and adherents. It seems that, despite their common interest in improving the world of work, a shared distrust about how to advance project performance has grown. That distrust expresses itself as mutually exclusive worldviews and has become entrenched.

This almanac serves the entire community by only presenting the best practices that are most used, numerically, and most proven, statistically. It will not advocate for any single school of thought. Instead, it will present thought leadership wherever it can be found.

Simply put, this almanac brings a unique perspective to the divergent, often conflicting and accusatory viewpoints expressed by the “evangelists” on all sides of the Agile versus Traditional battlefield. This book allows Practitioners and Organizations to select precisely the content they need and zero in on applying it in the ways best suited to the context of their environments.

So if you’re serious, and open-minded enough to want facts without dogma, then the Agile Almanac is for you! Enjoy it as you advance your career to the next level. Order it now!

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