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Agile Integration Forum (or just AI Forum)

The AI Forum is specifically focused on serving Project Managers, Engineers and Technical Professionals who want to understand Agile best practices – in particular, scaling Agile to programs and enterprises – based on an unbiased, well-researched compilation of the science behind them. It is a professional, engaging environment where opinions may disagree but the Members aren’t disagreeable!

It is a Forum for discussing and deep-diving the most used practices and analyzing them against proven standards and principles while avoiding derogatory or accusatory tirades based on dogmatic viewpoints often expressed by the evangelists on any side of the Agile versus Traditional battlefield. Because we are serious, intelligent, talented Agile Practitioners pursuing ways best suited to adapting Agile to the context of our environments there aren’t right or wrong answers, there are only ideas that may work better and ones that may not.

We are not in sales, so nothing in this Forum will be either, but one critical question needs to be answered honestly before you decide to opt-in for a ‘free test drive’ because if you decide to stay you will have to become a subscribing Member. The question is, “Why should I pay to subscribe when I join Linked In (or similar) groups for free?” If the step-by-step logic of the answer, below, doesn’t make sense to you then the Forum may not be a good fit, and we acknowledge that.

Why Should I Pay to be a Member?

The answer is all about the science of trade-offs which you’ve already applied in order to become a well-paid technical professional.

You paid to go to school because the information curated by the university and your professors allowed you to trade a $10 an hour job for a $20 an hour job. Then, most likely, you pursued an advanced degree or an industry credential – like the PMP® credential – in order to trade up to a $30 or $40 an hour job. The science of tradeoffs works. It drives, or retards, your career, your income, and your potential… but many of us overlook that simple truth when we consider how we’ll continue acquiring the information in our day-to-day professional lives. It is one of the secrets hiding in plain sight that highly-compensated, high achievers never stop leveraging!

If you are making $80,000 per year it is essentially $40 per hour. That means the science of tradeoffs says you can trade $40 per hour of your time for $80 an hour in value and double your income, or you can trade it for $20 an hour in value and halve your income.

In order to accelerate your career into the realm of highly-compensated, technical professionals it is safe to assume you need – you require – 1 hour per week of high-value intellectual growth for one year. A conservative estimate is that it takes 4 hours of research to find 1 hour of high-value professional content. So, if you need 4 hours per month and you make $40 per hour, you can spend $640 of your time (4 hrs. research x $40 x 4 weeks) using self-service training – like Linked In groups – or you can spend ¾ of 1 hour ($40 x ¾ = $30) to have what you need professionally curated for you as a Member of the Agile Integration Forum.

The math is simple. The career acceleration is assured. That’s why we belong!

Enjoy your free test drive.

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